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After completing a 6 month graphic designer course, I started applying for job in many firms. As a fresher I created a portfolio which I have done in my 6 months course. I was happy with that and even an ad agency liked it. And offered me a job as Graphic designer.

My First task (Failure episode -1)

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Do you have friends who can make you cool when you are upset and irritate you at the same time? To have friends to talk at any time in need, while sad or happy is bliss. I have friends like that. I have 800 to 1000 fonts in my system but I stick to only 5% fonts in it. Likewise I have many friends but will hang out mostly with few. As many of us classify friends as school friends, College friends, Office friends, Locality friends, etc. …

In the current Agile world with the explosion of internet and cloud technology, every enterprise needs to ship the product to market as early as possible to avoid losing out the competition with Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment (CI/CD) methods which help to avoid integration hell.

To achieve this objective, there is no doubt that automation testing is a buzzword in the industry and it also helps us to increase efficiency, reduce cost and speed but does it solve all our problems?

Right expectations with Automation:

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The objective of automation should be defined for a project and the right expectations…

TV shows like debate or discussion about trending topics will be fun to listen, comment and get knowledge on that topics. Likewise brainstorming session will also give us same kind of feel. While working we used to have a brainstorm session before starting a campaign. It helps us to complete the creative earlier by narrowing the bunch of ideas which flow in our brain to stick to a single track.

Pickle campaign

How many testers do you know apart from your team in the organisation and how many you know outside of your organisation

- Ajay Balamurugadas once asked this question in the test tribe community organised ‘The Testing Lab’ workshop.

This question every tester should ask themselves, as more testers connect, the better the testers and the testing profession will become, this is where a tester should join communities some of them shared below along with their vision.

A place to learn, connect, attend, and contribute as we co-create better testing

- tagline of Ministry of testing in their website


It’s been more than a year now but still we are yet to find cool ways to keep us engaged and active inside our homes. Now let me tell you 3 simple ways to keep us both active and happy( well of course its your choice).

1. Build your own aquarium.

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Incase if you don’t have any pets so far. Then this is the best way for you to have one. But you may ask why fishes not dog or cat? Let me answer that in simple terms.


  1. Takes less space than other pets ( just imagine cleaning up the mess on the floor…


“The Best thing a human being can do is to help another human being know more “— Charlie Munger.

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